Monday, July 23, 2007


First update is The Vine. If you remember, the Lovely Mona planted a vine, and the Lord smiled upon it, and it grew in height and wisdom. Here is the latest photo. The Vine is spreading across the fence, and it still has many beautiful flowers. It is doing much better than la veranera, which is bushy yet sin flores and not pictured here 'cuz it gots no flowers.

STRIKE UPDATE: Padre Mickey is threatening to hire scabs in order to keep the popular Friday Red Mr. Peanut Bank and Gallito Mescalito Blogging feature going without swallowing his pride and giving in to the Dance Party Players' demands.

The Oppressive Bastid

He realizes that the replacement feature, POLICY AND TACTICS ARE THE LIFE OF THE DANCE PARTY; LEADING COMRADES AT ALL LEVELS MUST GIVE THEM FULL ATTENTION AND MUST NEVER ON ANY ACCOUNT BE NEGLIGENT! has not been as well received as expected, except by those who have successfully completed their program at re-education camp, not to mention the problems inherent in a Maoist-inspired program being used as a strike-busting tactic. The scabs the oppressive bastid is threatening to hire are Mr. Skeeky Gorilla and ¡El Toro!, pictured below.

Here Endeth the Updates.


Caminante said...

Just keep photographing those gorgeous molas (I hope there will be time for mola shopping in September!!!) and this Dance Party person will keep coming back ;) [I do like shrieeeeeek.]

KJ said...

Whatever action our much-loved leaders chooses will be the best for all and the glorious dance revolution.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre, KJ is a complete success coming out of the re-education program. The rest of us? We still seem to be a little wayward. More time in the camp for us.

Padre Mickey said...

kj is a fine, wonderful person and a quick learner. It would behoove all of you to follow his example!

Anonymous said...

A message of utmost urgency (if you know what's good for ya):

Behooved, bothered and bewildered was I...until, I was forced (in for-my-own-good friendly intervention kinda way) to discover that admiring Padre Mickey unconditionally made me feel taller inside and out (I didn't realize I was short on a couple of fronts until they held all those sun-tilted mirrors up at "rethink stuff out" camp...I got the Chancellors job after graduation for being such a "quick study" and taking the oath).

btw, I can't applaud our beloved Padres selection of Mr. Skeeky Gorilla and ¡El Toro! enough as they were my very "fun", yet deadly serious, roomies at rethink it all camp...I personally KNOW they've got what it takes (from causal appearances) for stardom and training for the priesthood in a Diocese I shant mention.

Also, Great One, in accordance with Page #643, paragraph 2 of our little must Read (Red) book I think under the topic of "Seditiousness is Unattractive and Harmful to the Health" it would be a great idea for the Friday Night "players" to understand the FULL consequenses of irregular Dance PARTY goose stepping on fragile toes (or not)...I wouldn't advise any strikers to slink off and jump on one of those ships heading the "wrong way" through the canal Zone(or noth'n like that neither) cause nobody leaves until our much-loved leader says adios or "please put your betraying backside on the mark" or else you'll know SHRIEEEEK like never before...

Expect cowardly defectors to come around soon to Dance Party truths and rules...nobody knows where the nose goes, and I suggest they keep that factoid in mind when they have their little secret meetings to upset us and ROCK the boat!

Valdimere Scalderon Whitfield y Jimenez-Gomez, III

Esquire, Knight and Primary/First Class Suck-em-up to the finest Leader anyone could ever want forced upon them even if they could choose.

Dennis said...

Nonsense! The union way! Hold the line! Be strong brothers. Remember the brothers who have gone before you - five days and forty hours. Which side are you on, boys?

And KJ, I am sooooo ashamed of you.

KJ said...

Dennis, resistance if futile.

Saint Pat said...

Vive la revolucion!

I See You!

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