Friday, July 27, 2007

Super-Cool Video Alert!

Go, right now, to Pseudopiskie’s place, where the source of all your problems will be explained to you.
Yesterday the Lovely Mona and I spent over two hours at Migración. Then, when I installed a flash-heater shower head in the Guest Bathroom, I learned that the electricity for that dang ting don' work no more. THEN Tía  Melanie's flight was late by almost an hour.
But now I know why all this terrible stuff is going on, and it's not MY fault!!!

Check it out!!

Geez, it seems that Episcopalooza has this ting too. I'm not sure who had it first.


PseudoPiskie said...

Episcopalooza had it first then MP mentioned it. Several of us have nicked it to make sure it gets wide exposure.

Caminante said...

'I installed a flash-heater shower head in the Guest Bathroom"

The one that is in the room I use when I go to El Salvador doesn't work. You can onnly have a trickle of water in order for it to be lukewarm or get your hand up close to the shower head, in which case, you get an electric shock. I just get used to cold showers. Then it's always a marvel when I return to Vermont to remember what it's like to take one in hot water.

Matty Boy said...

As I recall, back in the day we could just blame it on teh Bossa Nova. Shows I'm getting old.

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