Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pirate Long John Puffy Head

Most Probably Cute Overload

Arrrrghh. Arrrrrrggghhh!!!! ARRRRRRGGGHHHHHRUF! RUF! RUFRUFRUF!!!! Arrrgghhh.


Anonymous said...

Is that a peg leg on His Puffiness or just a temp cast? Yes... definitely cute overload.

Anonymous said...

Pirate Long John Puffy Head

You can fool some of the homosensualists some of the time but I know you're doing try-outs for replacing the Friday Night Players (on strike ALPO-FIDO Preen Actors Guild)...I wasn't bored yesterday!

Herbie Von Hellpinsworth III

Anonymous said...

"Is that a peg leg on His Puffiness or just a temp cast?" david charles walker

Hola dcw,

Where ya been? You've missed all the testy, neocon Episcopal Church takeover bickering over at Fr. Jakes (I know they've engaged mean spirited ghost writers for the words that come out of Duncan Pitts downturned mouth)...never-the-less I sense a state of pending collapse is nearing for the leading Pinze Nez of Network zealots!

I wouldn't miss it for the mundo!

don Sergio Glickmanbergerschwitz the Great

Anonymous said...

Hola don Ricky,

Needed an escape from it all for awhile. We took a drive up the coast road... Big Sur, etc., and the most marvelous back country road through fields of golden wheat, green oak, rolling hills, cows... the works. I'm just a farm boy at heart.

Tambien, estoy comenzando Español otra vez. AND... I intend to learn how to dance salsa and other latin steps before we're in San Juan next March. where, following el grande seven-oh birthday, I intend to celebrate in una manera verdadera de Puerto Rican. Olé.

You will see me again at Jake's.

I See You!

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