Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hogar de Niñas

I returned to the Hogar Monday after a an absence of three weeks. I worked with Sinilda, first with reading, then math. She’s reading some words, but is still having problems with the alphabet. Tía Sue has been working with her daily and I can see how it’s paying off. She likes math and did quite well with very simple addition problems.

The first picture is of Maria Isabel who is writing and the darling Carla. Carla sat with Sinilda and me, so I had her copy the words Sinilda and I were practicing. She’s in kindergarten and they teach kids to copy before teaching them reading. She wrote pretty well with only a couple of backward letters and numbers.

One of the most used homework assignments is cutting pictures from magazines. The Hogar has a box of magazines just for this activity.

The girls change sheets every Monday, so often while I’m working with them, they just stop whatever we’re doing and leave to make their beds. Here’s Sinilda making her bed. Love the sheets.

This is for Evelia fans. She’s really cute, but quite a handful.

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