Sunday, July 29, 2007

Los Simpsons (La Película)

After the Big Day, we (the Lovely Mona, Sister Melanie, y los Tripies: Ryan, David, y Colleen; y Yo) came home and ate lunch. Then we went to Cinépolis and saw The Simpsons Movie. IT WAS GREAT!!!! I know that many folks who visit many of the same blogs as I do have been pushing that Ratatouille movie, which I'll see when it comes out on DVD. BUT THIS WAS GREAT!! I'll be singing "Spider Pig, Spider Pig. Does whatever a Spider Pig does. Can he walk on the ceiling? No he can't; he's a pig" for the rest of the week (Pity my relatives!!). The Church stuff alone is worth the price of admission, although any of you of the Pentecostal Persuasion may be offended (yeah, I really worry about THAT!!). BELIEVE ME, IT's WORTH IT!! Padre says, "Check it out!!" unless you're a wanker Person Suffering From A Humour Deficit (the Lovely Mona says I can't use that other word).


Matty Boy said...

It's a big old crazy world! Padre has seen this movie before I have! (I'm going to see it tomorrow.)

When I lived in El Salvador all those many years ago, releases of las peliculas gringas was a very hit and miss affair. Some movies many years old were just making it to San Salvador theatres for the first time, but The Deer Hunter opened in the city about two weeks after it opened in the U.S.A. Go figure.

Paul said...

¿How can we possibly hope to keep up with el Padre?

I have not seen the Simpsons movie but I have seen Ratatouille and hope to catch it on the big screen a second time (and will definitely buy the DVD). It is artistically stunning and worth seeing at the cine. (This in spite of my general desire to boycott the whole Disney complex for their politics--take note ABC, my remote is programmed to ignore you.)

Of course, I am a total foodie, having lived 15 minutes from Chez Panisse in the heart of the gourmet ghetto of Berkeley. Jane R. knows whereof I speak (and my, can she cook!).

Back to the movie: the visual treat merits the detour.

Jane R said...

Aw Paul, you are too sweet.

I am a total foodie as well, having lived in the same neighborhood.

My family are foodies also (some of this the influence of the various places we have all lived, some the influence of my mother the vegetarian who schooled us early in healthy deliciousness) and rumour has it that the night before our humongous family reunion this coming weekend, the five of us in the immediate family are going to have a nice dinner out and then see "Ratatouille" together. Or the movie and then the dinner. Stay tuned. (And did I mention that on the extended family front, one of my nephews has delighted us all by going into the wine business? In Italy?)

But I gotta go see "The Simpsons" too. Thanks for the review, Padre. Now follow the lead of Philocrites and go get Simpsonized. The pic up at his post on this really does look like him! And like a Simpson. You need a really good high-resolution photo of a certain size to do it. But it may be worth it. Mine turned out reaaaal weird and I decided not to post it. Check it out. (You'll have to swallow your commie bastid inclinations because the site for Simpsonizing is run by a Big Nasty Capitalist Corporation.)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, I could not agree more about "Ratatouille". It was marvelous. It could have been stamped "MADE WITH LOVING CARE".

Y'all have made me hungry.

FranIAm said...

After seeing la pelicula The Simpsons I can only say one thing... "I love you Jeebus!"

Back to my vacationing. This whole walking on the beach, laying in the sun and so forth requires my complete attention.

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