Friday, July 06, 2007

Vacation stuff

The Lovely Mona, Señorita Chompita Wiggletail, and I are back home from our wonderful vacation en Coronado. We stayed at a beautiful house with a swimming pool and many flowers and a gazebo in which we could hang hamacas. Ha ha Madpriest, it only rained all day one day! We just lazed about, reading, swimming, and napping in hamacas. What more does one need to do on vacation? Also, our friends Lizzie, Mary, John and Laura Leigh with Mary's friend (and now our friend) Rebecca came and spent a day and a half with us, and that was lots of fun. Now I'm doing laundry. We gots lotsa laundry. Here are some photos:

The House

The Pool

The Gazebo con hamacas

One day the Lovely Mona discovered a unkempt transient sleeping en la hamaca. For some reason, Chompita didn't mind his presence and let him snore away.

An Acacia in bloom

We've got lotsa coconuts

And lotsa mangos, too!

Three shots of la playa:
Dis way

Dat way

Da waddah

Chompita en la playa

Our visitors

Bird of Paradise-type flowers (for Ed).

These purple flowers would bloom every morning and then the wind and sometimes the rain would blow all the blooms away. But there would be new blooms every morning.

Some interesting yellow flowers

Anudda kinda yella flowa


Grandmère Mimi said...

A veritable Eden, Padre. How wonderful for you and the lovely Mona. Oh, and Chompita, too. The blooms are gorgeous. Welcome home.

MadPriest is still as grumpy as ever. I do think he's jealous of you, Padre, but don't tell him I said that.

Ed said...

Welcome back, Padre! Srta. Anna Magdalena saw Srta. Chompita playing on the beach and wants a vacation just like that! (Sr. Ed kinda liked the hamachas...)

P.S. Thanks for the flowers :-)

Jane R said...

Lovely! All Padres and Lovely Spouses (and all Madres and Lovely Spouses, of all genders) deserve a restful and sunny vacation. So glad you had one. Thanks for the photos.

I am visiting my beloved parents for a not quite vacation this week, and I am happy to report that on the grounds of their retirement community there are BUNNIES -- never seen them before here (I knew there were birds and chipmunks, but these hoppity hop critters are newish in the neighborhood, though I know my mother had a conversation with one last year) and they are mostly cute and little and brown. But I saw a big one today. It appears the local rabbits are reproducing like, well, rabbits. Hippety hop.

I wish I owned a digital camera so I could take photos, since the aforementioned bunnies seem quite obliging and not particularly shy (which may account for the reproducing like rabbits bit -- also I think they know most everyone here is over 75 and not particularly into hunting) so you'll just have to visually really cute little brown bunnies on green Massachusetts grass.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Beautiful photos, Padre Mickey, thank you for sharing. I'm glad you had such a great time and I love your photo captions.

Personally, I have always maintained that it is possible to live one's entire life in a hamaca!

eileen said...

YAY! you came back!

Does a chompita-wiggle-tail dance of joy...

Looks like a beautiful place, Padre.

Glad you enjoyed!

Matty Boy said...

The bum in the hamacha... I think there may be an outstanding warrant for him in San Jose, California. He seems to know a lot about the so-called suicide of a guy named Jimmy and is wanted for questioning about The Wayside Bar, a place "where the dead people go."

And I say hello to all three people who might get that joke.

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