Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Random Ten

1. Ants Invasion Adam And The Ants
2. Rocks Off Rolling Stones
3. It's Not Peculiar Hüsker Dü
4. Alleluia Posui Adiutorim (Perotin) The Hillard Ensemble
5. Favourite Hour Elvis Costello and the Attractions
6. Sextown U.S.A. Sparks
7. Wounded Horse XTC
8. Never Drive You Away Original Cast Recording - The Gospel At Colonus
9. It Ain't Easy David Bowie
10. Neighborhood Threat Iggy Pop

I apologise for #1; I had forgotten that I had Kings of the Wild Frontier on the iTunes here at the church. But the rules are that you have to list all ten songs that pop up on the shuffle. Only one churchy thang this week; well, 'cept for #8, which is in A Gospel Style.

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