Monday, February 16, 2009

Ayer en la Parroquia San Pablo

The Closing Eucharist of the 89th Convention of the Diocese of Panamá was held at Parroquia San Pablo en la ciudad de Panamá. The Rt. Rev. Duncan Gray III, Bishop of Mississippi, was our preacher. with Revda. Diana Parada translating. The choirs of St. Paul's. St. Christopher's, St. Matthew's, San Juan, y Christ Church by the Sea came together to create a great choir. The acolytes of St. Paul's, St. Christopher's, and the Cathedral of St. Luke were very helpful (that thurifer kept the place very smokey!), and the Folkloric Dance Troupe from Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal (yes, those are candles on the girls' heads!) were wonderful in the Gospel Procession and the Procession of the Gifts. It was our usual three hour service and lots of people attended, including the Lovely Mona's (and Tía Sue's) girls from Hogar de Niñas de Captial. The newly elected officers of various committees were installed, the new catequistas were given their assignments, and Lic. Eva Murdock, Sr. Milford Peynado, and Magister Aurilia Burgess were given the Bishop's Award. The Directoras of the Episcopal Schools brought the gifts to the altar. There was a lot going on!

After the Eucharist we had a great big lunch downstairs in the parish hall. I made my killer chili con carne and it was well received. Then the Lovely Mona and I went home so that i could collapse.

Photos without commentary


Michael+ said...

Could you tell us about the folklorico elements sometime (or point us to appropriate sources)? Especially the candle on the head! What was up with them things and what role in the liturgy did they play? Thanks for the pictures!

Caminante said...

Does the estola you're wearing have the diocesan seal on it?

And is this church one of the Iglesia Episcopal's?

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