Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just to show you how naïve I am, I really thought that by now we would be thinking of the Republican Party as a fading joke. I mean, really, a party which destroyed the economy, ruined the reputation of the U.S.A. throughout the world, and gave us the several of the worst presidents in history should not be take seriously. But they still exist. They're still making trouble for decent folk. They (and several morons in the Press) still think they are relevant. These people make it difficult to be a Christian, as I find it difficult to respect their human dignity (That'll set Fred Preuss off!). Maybe if we ignore them they will go away.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What kills me is how they refuse to cooperate and then accuse Obama of not being bipartisan. Sigh.

Matty Boy said...

Who is Fred Preuss? He showed up at my blog this week.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I blame the press, who continue to take the stupidity of the most wacko, far-right Republicans seriously. I'm angry with them. They know better. They should do better.

Fred is the most miserable person on the internet. He's a gloomy presence wherever he goes.

Fred Schwartz said...

If you think the Fed type Republicans are bad take a quick look at the California republicans. Home of Ronald the Reagan and Arnold the instigator. We are swirling around the hole and they could care less!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

One could add Bad loosers .-(

Padre Mickey said...

Matty Boy, Fred Preuss is an accountant from Connecticut who doesn't like religious types and believes that everyone on the planet must be informed of this.
I don't know where he came from or how he found this blog, but he did a lot of commenting the other day.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks, Padre. He's in the financial field and lives in the Tri-State area, so I thought he might be a pal of my troll, who's in the financial field and works out of New York City. He probably got to my blog through yours instead of being recruited by my troll.

spocko said...

Yeah. I thought the same of the talk radio hosts. But they are still there and they will get stronger like they did in the Clinton era because they presume to talk for the Conservatives in Exile!(Hannity) or the "Conservative Revolution" (Brian Sussman, KSFO SF, CA)
Sussman was urging his listeners to call up the CA Republicans and tell them not to cave to the Democrats on the budget.

They actually LOVE this stuff and they want us to ignore them. The Press lives for simple X vs. Y stories with out them there would be no conflict or drama and they would have to write about process and other stuff they find boring.
And the Republicans start it by finding issues that they can run to the press about.

Now most people on the left don't want to play this game. Digby (who everyone should read at talks about this by using the "hissy fit" example whenever the republicans don't get what they want. They go to the press and are OUTRAGED! about something or another, and the press report on it.

It is interesting that things that people should REALLY be outraged about aren't covered because they are just too damn depressing. (Torture, financial crisis, war, health care) but something like Obama's flag pin is simple.
And made up facts are especially fun to complain about. "ACORN getting Billions in Stimulus package!"

So we need to keep pushing against this nonsense. It is both exhausting and it doesn't pay well (like some social justice jobs I've had!) but you can help, and it doesn't always cost money.

In this era of Google search and social networking, do not underestimate the power of linking and talking about these issues.
Preaching to the choir it IMPORTANT! Why? Because they need to understand what they are singing and not everyone in the Choir understand the musical subtleties. Some choir members hold the line at the deep structure others contain the melody and others run the lyrics. Everyone is then under the direction of the leader who sometimes needs to stop everyone and say, "Baritones I can't hear the altos if you sing so loud."
Sopranos you are coming in too early and the emphasis needs to be on the FIRST note, not the second)

What is interesting is that Bush treated the press with contempt and they still ran his story lines because they have been convinced that they are the "liberal media" and they have internalize that. They have to run "both sides" even if one side is based on lies. They often feel that their job is not to expose the lies, but to just present both sides. This is a huge failing of the media.

johnieb said...

Ya could think of Repuggies as an opportunity for faith exercise: a spirittual gym of sorts.

Or, ya could do as I want, and cut their throats: more satisfying, if ya don't mind the publicity.

Either this machine is dead solid purrfect wid my thinkin', or I gonna do yer machine, too, 'cause the word is


Depends on which way it's pointin'.

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