Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You know what'll cure that rash?

That's right, TAX CUTS!
I don't think I've been very secretive about my disgust with the Republican Party. They remind me of Cult Members, mouthing their insane dogma. I'm amazed that they still think anyone really cares what they think. Anyone who supports these morons should be examined, and anyone who is a member of the Republican Caucus should be chained below the Congressional building, languishing in caves of methane ice. However, our president is a better peson than I, so he'll keep trying to engage these idiots,, er lying sacks o' poop er, Satan's boy toys er, mentally disturbed individuals. Oh well!

All cartoons nicked from www.bartcop.com

Hey, you know what'll end Rush Limbaugh's syphilitic rantings?
That's right, A TIME OUT!


FranIAm said...

Oh I love that last graphic.

As a trivia fact, I have indeed met Patriotboy.

So give me a big tax cut!

Oh wait, I don't got no moneez.

Fred Schwartz said...

I am a big fan of tax cults also.

Fred Preuss said...

Testify! And signify!
You and the fundies are mirror images of each other. You deserve each other. I hope that you manage to shoot each other simultaneously so that we don't have to listen to either of you ever again.

Padre Mickey said...

Dear Fred,
Thank you so much for your comments and the loving manner in which they are made. We cherish every visit you make to the Dance Party.
Thanks for dropping by!

I See You!

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