Monday, August 06, 2007

The Amazing, Ever-expanding Blogroll

Sorry, I can't explain this photo. I just felt like posting it. It has nothing at all to do with this post.

I've been aware of her blog for a few weeks, and everytime I visited it was still under construction, but now she's posting, so I invite you all to visit Suzanne at From A Thin Place, Musings From the Middle East.

Frequent Commenter, Priest, and Composer David Charles Walker has a beautiful new blog On The Beach.

Most of you are already familiar with Lisa's blog My Manner Of Life. I have been remiss in adding it to the blogroll.

Last but not least, we have Queer For Christ, a blog well worth reading!

Padre says "Check them out!"


Lisa said...

Thanks for adding my wee blog, Padre Mickey.

I'm even worse than you, for I've had "Add Links to BlogRoll" on my "to-do" list for donkey's-ages.

I'm grateful to be included here.

David Charles Walker said...

Thanks for the linky, Padre. You'll know I've come fully under your corrupting influence when I start posing Josh as His Cuteness the ArchBark of Bixby.

MadPriest said...

Sorry, I can't explain this photo.

Oh really? Well, I can. This is A CRUEL HOAX, circa 1973, during their glam phase. El Padre is the one in the helmet.

FranIAm said...

What great additions! Que rico!

QueerforChrist said...

I stand amazed in the presence! What an honor to be among all you gifted, funny, bless-ed people! Many thanks, Padre.

I See You!

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