Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Random Ten

I pushed the "shuffle" on the iTunes and this is what I got:
1. Dinner Bell They Might Be Giants
2. My Heart Is Inditing (Purcell) Chanticleer
3. Heart of Gold Neil Young
4. Wedding Song Psychedelic Furs
5. The Old Ship of Zion The Robert Martin Singers
6. He's Able Kirk Franklin and the Family
7. Shallow Grave Elvis Costello and the Attractions
8. Eighth Tune for Archbishop Parker's Psalter (Tallis' Canon) Theatre of Voices
9. Some Day One Day Queen
10. Life Is White Big Star

Well, I thought we were going to have a "heart" theme there for a minute. Kinda all over the place, but good stuff nonetheless.


Juan Carlos said...

I can't get into the comments on the Friday Red Peanut Postings...I keep getting the "security box" and when I say "yes" it keeps repeating the question...I'm going to report this to our LEADER and I know there will be answers to be had no matter the cost to human life or the Geneva Convention...

Whoppington Washington Gonzales

Padre Mickey said...

I don't understand the problem, Señor Gonzales. What security box? I didn't even know such a thing existed here.
Moderation has been removed and the comments should be clear sailing.
Try again.

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