Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Raices Part III

WARNING: This post contains sporadic outbreaks of Spainglish

The theme for Raices (Roots in English) is An Encounter With Your Culture, Your Religion, and Your Traditions. The "encounter with your religion" involved daily Bible Study and conversations about the Christian life. Here are photos of the daily Bible studies and conversations.

A group Bible study with Bishop Murray

A group Bible study with Profesora Vilma Smith (I think that's David on the table)

A discussion

Some folks from the Diocese of Newark in group Bible study

Bible study

Colleen studying with two young women from the Diocese of Newark

Walter Smith teaching (Walter and I work together in the Department of Theological Education, the Commission on Ministry, and with the Panama Project. One year the two of us spent so much time in Bocas del Toro that the Lovely Mona wondered if we had new families in Bocas!)

Another aspect of the "encounter with your religion" is Corporate Worship, of course! Here are some photos from la Misa con el Obispo en Domingo

The Procession (The Bishop's Chaplain is his son, Sean)

El Evangelio

Juan supplied the music

Santa Eucaristía

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