Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Do You Want In or Out?

Bishop Clarence Pope has swum the Tiber once again! This is like the second or third time. He reminds me of a cat we once had. It would stand at the door to be let out. It would go outside for ten seconds and then raise holy hell to be let back in. Ten minutes later, it wanted out. Ten seconds after that it wanted back in the house. And we used the phrase used by most people who serve as the staff of a cat: "Are you in or out? MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!"

I'll be taking bets on when the Right Reverend wil be swimming back to this side of the river....


FranIAm said...

Swimming in the Tiber- I know overall its not funny, but as a good Catholic(whatever that means!) I am roaring with laughter.

Because as far as I can tell, that water is really unclean!

Aghaveagh said...

I simply adore that phrase, "swimming the Tiber"! It is so vivid.

I have to admit that I can sympathize with the Bishop's ambivalence--as a very-High-Church smells-and-bells (albeit knee-jerk liberal) Episcopalian, Rome does have an allure. But unfortunately, the associated theological baggage keeps me from taking the plunge.

As America famously sang, "Don't cross the river if you can't swim the tide/ Don't try denyin' livin' on the other side"

By the way, we seriously considered calling our young kitten "Visa." Why? She's Everywhere You Want To Be.

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