Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miss Evie, Beautiful Granddaughter

Miss Bebé the Granchile is now walking, and here we see her walking down the streets of Berkeley with her mum, Tara.

I like this one a lot because I have seen photos of the Lovely Mona at this same age and the photos are very much alike. Well, actually, the Lovely Mona was dressed in a frilly dress with ten-thousand petticoats, which was the style at the time, but their faces are the same. So now we know that Evie will grow up to be beautiful (as if there was ever any doubt)!


Matty Boy said...

I needs to get more Miss Evelyn picthurs on my blog, too. i have been remiss dealing with The Second Pillar of Blogging recently, though I have been pushing both the pretty girls and dogs.

Anonymous said...

Miss Evie is a lovelie la verdad!

Gonzalo Happenstance Fruge

Jane R said...

Not only is she gorgeous (like the Lovely Mona) but she is carrying a SOCCER ball!!! As one of my Africa students who was on the college soccer team had as a slogan on his t-shirt, "Soccer - the real football."

Grandmère Mimi said...

Beautiful, beautiful, just like the Lovely Mona.

FranIAm said...

Really gorgeous! Beautiful.

El anónimo said...

También quiero una Evie para mí.

Francisco Hermeneguildo González Villareal y Montesinos

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