Monday, August 06, 2007

Raices, Part I

Well, the Trippies are home from Raices and they purchased a CD of photos of the four days. I went through the collection and found many wonderful photos to post here. In fact, I may be posting Raices photos all week!

The following photos are of the Diocesan Camp: The Bishop Lemuel Shirley Camp and Conference Center in Santa Clara, Coclé, República de Panamá.

A shot of the playing field and ranchitos taken from under a mango tree.

A cabin next to a ranchito

A ranchito

The field

Another shot of the field.

Outside the Dining Hall

The Camp is located within walking distance of the beach.
Here are kids walking to the beach, passing the Baptist Campground.

Two shots of the kids at the beach, the second being particularly interesting as it appears to have been shot from under some kid's chin.

And a shot of them all swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Santa Clara Beach is on the Pacific Ocean but faces East so one can see the sun rise over the Pacific, which keeps me a bit disoriented. I've lived near the Pacific Ocean many times in my life, but we were always facing West!

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