Monday, August 06, 2007

Raices Part II

Well, when you have a camp full of Jovenes, there will be some beautiful faces. But I have to say, the Diocese of Panamá has some of the most beautiful young people on the entire planet. At Raices we had visitors from Newark, New Jersey, El Salvador, and Redwood City, California (the Trippies), and this just added to the incredible group of beautiful young people. See for yourself!


Cute Jovenes

Mi Sobrina Colleen con su amiga

A Good Looking Bunch of Yoots

Youth Group from the Diocese of Newark with Bishop Murray

Mis Sobrinos Ryan y David

Clarissa Smith in African Dress (she's a member of San Cristóbal and her dad and I are very good friends).

Even More Cuties!


Matty Boy said...

Obviously, your next blog should feaure Senorita Chompita, since you have already pandered to the babies fans in the last post, and to the pretty girls part of your audience in this one. Once you add dogs, and all three pillars are achieved.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the kids are's a grand world when one really thinks about it (and just think about what all those kids get to think about these days...hooray)...BRAVO for every one of them and BRAVO for the camp and BRAVO for recording every moment of everything that is just, plain and simply, part of the joy of living in Gods wonderous evento, we're so's contagieously happy around here. Thanks Padre.

Julio Zellvington Mixmasterson Perez-Jimenez, Former Drunk and Self-deceiver

MadPriest said...

El Padre, I assume that you have already got Ryan and David to sign a completely unfair, binding contract where you get 90% of any earnings and royalties. I wouldn't even bother changing their names, Ryan and David will look just fine on the album covers. It goes without saying, that it doesn't matter, one jot, if they can't sing.

Jane R said...

Beautiful, all of them! Lindisimo(a)s.

Jane (just back from family reunion that was full of Adorable and Very Energetic Young Cousins' Kids -- let's hear it for the new generation -- oh Godde, I am officially an old fart!)

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