Thursday, August 02, 2007


I really like this photo the Lovely Mona took on Sunday; it is of the Presentation of the Gifts. I like the sense of motion and the joy of the Confirmands and I really like the kind of strange angles, especially the way it includes the bishop's elbow, a Soprano in song, and acolytes hard at work. It's very much like an outtake, don't you think?

The Lovely Mona and my sister, Melanie, took the Trippies to the Diocesan Center this morning so that they could board the bus to Santa Clara for Raices, a four day camp which is billed as "Un Encuentro con tu Religión, Cultura y Tradiciones (an encounter with your Religion, Culture and Traditions)." I believe a Youth Group from our Companion Dioceses of Newark will be attending, too. The Lovely Mona promised to take photos of the kids heading off for campamento, so I'll post those later today.

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Me too, I love the photo.

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