Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Raices Part IV

The young people encountered their Culture and Traditions through learning dances and crafts from the different cultures of Panama, mostly from the indigenous Panamanian and Afroantillano (West Indian) cultures. The young people learned of the traditions and culture of each group and would share what they learned on the final evening of camp.

Stringing beads to make shakiras, or beaded necklaces

A Kuna blouse

Afroantillano culture contains elements of both African and Anglo cultures. Expressions of the Anglo culture are Quadrille (Square Dancing) and the May Pole (!). Here Aldo Hall explains how to dance the May Pole

May Pole practice (is this the pagan stuff the reasserters are always going on about?)

Camp isn't all Bible Study and Bead Stringing! There are plenty of activities to keep growing young people busy.


Sack race

Jimmy Smith and friend are filling balloons with red paint for some reason. I'm sure everyone ended up wearing the paint later!


Some kind of relay race

I believe I detect some victory dances taking place here!

Tomorrow: DANCING!!! And some strange photos.


Saint Pat said...

Red-paint balloons? Ominous. I'd be on guard, Padre Mickey! Maybe they want to make you an unofficial Cardinal.

It looks like a whole lotta fun going on!

Anonymous said...


Speaking of dance as an aspect of our cultures, check out the latest dancing videos over at my blog.

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