Monday, August 20, 2007

Last Week's Adventure II

Monday was spent traveling.
Tuesday we started the day at Iglesia Santa María with the Holy Eucharist. Then we spent the day in sessions with the Bishop discussion liturgy as a tool of evangelism. Here are some photos of Tuesday´s activities.

Iglesia Santa María

A gallo in a yard across the street from the church

Early arrivals at the church

The chancel and altar

Clericus discussion. From left to right: legs of Revda. Glenda McQueen; Padre Nelson Edwards; Revda. Carmen Saéz; Padre José Moreno (Joe Brown); y Padre Eladio Rodríguez.

Three views from the balcony of the IPAT building, where we had lunch on Tuesday:

View from the left

View from the center

View from the right (I think that dock is made of legos!)

Blurry shot of the Catholic Center's garden

More later


Grandmère Mimi said...

Padre Mickey, did you spend any time at the lectures and sessions? It appears that you spent your time playing hooky and taking pictures. Say it ain't so!

Padre Mickey said...

Mira Abuela: Of course I attended all the sessions. I didn't take many photos of the them because I personally don't find photos of people sitting around to be very entertaining. I have an audience to which I must pander!!!

David Austin Allen said...

¿So, at some point can you share the teachings relating liturgy with evangelism?

And I'm hoping you have fotos of the Patronal Festival at Iglesia Santa María!

Juan Carlos said...

I like everything you "capture in photos" for us, Padre Mickey the Great.

(when do I get promoted to vice dictator?)

A su orden,

Rogoberto Jimenez Chin-Smith

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