Thursday, September 04, 2008


Like everyone else, I receive many, many, many emails from wealthy women dying of cancer in the Ivory Coast, who, not wanting to marry outside of their paternal home (which the Bible is against) want to send me all their money. Why they don't want to share this money with the poor and destitute of the Ivory Coast is beyond me. I pop their emails into the spam file.

Today I received an email from the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church asking for funds for an orphanage in Uganda. I'm thinking it's not real. The email text is in italics Let's take a look at the text:

Dear ,
As an Appointed Missionary of TEC, I'm figuring the PB might actually address the email to me, not to "Dear , Blank ." Heck, even the Cancerous Widows of the Ivory Coast address me as "Dear Beloved of the Lord"!

Holy blessings and greetings to you. Hope you are okay and everything is going on well. I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for your prayers while we were at the Lambeth. So, in everything you've ever read, or any video you've seen of the Presiding Bishop, you know she speaks exactly in this manner-or, perhaps, not.

At short notice, in the wake of events, we are making a humble appeal for a few dollars you can towards the treatment of Orphans in Uganda who survived a fire that gutted their residence killing 18 and wounding several of them. Your little contribution can be of help and change life! You too pray for the survivors who are struggling to get funds for surgery as we advocate for the MDGs. I will be very grateful for your assistance and consideration extended to us. Stay blessed always. I have attached a photo for you.This paragraph certainly sounds like the Presiding Bishop, doesn't it? Most people with doctorates have trouble using proper grammar and sentence structure when writing. Let's compare it to a paragraph from the Introduction to her book A Wing And A Prayer: A Message Of Faith And Hope: "Flying depends both on the physical wind and on the inventive spirit that led the Wright brothers and others to figure out how to harness that wind. And in the early Church, those folks we read about in Acts began to speak not only in other languages, but boldly, so much so that the onlookers thought they were drunk. They began to tell good news to people who weren't sure what it meant at first." Yeah, it certainly reads like the same author! /snark


Katharine Jefferts Schori
Emeritus Bishop of Nevada
Presiding Bishop and Bishop of The Convocation of American Churches in Europe
815 Second Avenue
New York City, NY 10017
Well, we all know that "shalom" is the Presiding Bishop's catch phrase, but, somehow, I find the email addresses to be suspect, as well as the fact that she is linking to David Virtue's House of Pain. Yeah, that could happen! The Office of the Presiding Bishop always works with hate-filled reasserters! How could she not?

So, I dunno. . . should I "a few dollars you can towards the treatment of Orphans in Uganda" or not? OCICBW. . .


Rev. Kurt said...

From episcope:

False emails

In the past two days, we've heard from many who have received an email claiming to be from Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori.

It is called, “Hello and thanks for your prayers.” If you have received such an email, please be alert that this is false information and is a scam.

Scams of this nature have been circulating for awhile (we sent a similar notice in June). Suspect emails may come (or appear to come) from any number of addresses, such as,, – these are false addresses. These scam emails are being investigated. If you have any questions or wish to report an email, contact

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Now here's the interesting mystery. If one sent, say, an experimental $5, what would the paypal payment read????

This is one of those mysteries that someone's got to put up a token amount of moolah to solve.....but I'm betting they don't give you an online payment option so as not to create a trail....

Mary Sue said...

I entered the virtue online web address in my browser to see what it pointed to. My browser informed me there was an error on the page. I informed my browser it was David Virtue's page, so, you know, DUH*.

Turns out that address is to a list of names and addresses of bishops in the US.

*I'm not implying my web page is free from error, but I sure as shootin' haven't set myself up as the Second Coming of Tho. Cramner, yo.

Caminante said...

No, no, no and again no.

It's a fake and a scam.

Ah, the letters are back.

johnieb said...

You may also send them in bales of mixed sequence $100s or, better yet, Euros or Swiss francs. Instructions will follow shortly.

Doorman-Priest said...

Widows from the Ivory Coast eh? I get spam from Nigeria regularly. I am amazed at how many lost fortunes are just sitting in Nigerian bank vaults awaiting a partner in Britian to reveal their bank details and hey presto, I can share in the fortune.

There have been so many careless Nigerians, I worry about them.

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