Thursday, September 18, 2008

Padre Mickey 'Splains usury the Economy

Short version: We're all screwed 'cuza buncha idiots voted for the 'publicans!
Just a little longer version: So, the market went back up today, because the U.S. decided to be socialist and bail their sorry asses out. Does anyone still believe in the "invisible hand of the free market?" Does anyone still believe that "the markets will regulate themselves?"

Let's go over the basics: the reason we had regulations in the first place was because industry and the markets refuse to regulate themselves. They can not be trusted to regulate themselves. I'm not an economist; I'm a priest and historian, but I can look at things and realize that the markets and industry have absolutely no interest in self-regulation and will do what ever they can to make money when they think they can get away with it.

Aren't you glad that no one allowed George W. Bush to privatize Social Security? We'd all be in even deeper s**t than we are already!

Maybe God is punishing us for breaking God's rules. The Bible is quite clear that usury is wrong, yet our entire economy is based on usury. All of our investments are based on usury. Maybe all those who believe that every word of the Bible comes from God and is inerrant should reconsider their devotion to capitalism, 'cuz it looks like the Lord God Almighty has abandoned that particular economic system.

Oh, might I add that if you still support the Republican Party and its so-called Free Market policies, you are a fool or worse?!
You're welcome!


Fred Schwartz said...

I ahve the book, It Is Still The Economy Stupid. No one asked me though.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh my, there is going to be a glut of One Kt. Diamond pierced earrings on the market (each side 1Kt)...then there are the Lalique Bowls, Bacarrat Stemware sets, and LVT Luggage (and ugly handbags)...what will the newly poor do when they have to actually learn something other than the "how to's" of raking profits by exploiting others worldwide...natch, it couldn't last...time for reality to come crashing down...I love reality, it's so, well, REAL (besides, I've gotten to know it personally over the years and it ain't as scary as it once seemed it would be).


susan s. said...

I almost posted a comment somewhere else this week with those very words. "It's the economy, Stupid." Of course, I can't remember which blog I thought about posting it on, but I'm glad to see it rearing it's head here.

Matty Boy said...

We are being punished for breaking God's laws on usury? How come nobody thought of that before?

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