Wednesday, September 24, 2008

While were on the subject of lying....

I just checked out the archives of "This American Life" and they have a show on lying. So I'm listening to it now. As with all This American Life programs, it's worth listening to. Here's the link. Let's see if I can do this.

Caminante, I tried the link chain thing, but I couldn't get it to work. Must have omitted something.


Matty Boy said...

Hi, Mona. When you want to post a link, highlight some text, then press the button that shows a picture of the globe. A window will pop up, and in that text box, paste the http://... text that is the address you want.

What should happen is the text will be highlighted (in light blue on your blog), and when someone clicks on it, they will be taken to the page in question.

The Lovely Mona said...

Thanks, Matty boy. I'll try that tonight.

Caminante said...

Too bad I can't fly down to Panamá to show you. It has been exactly a year since I was there.

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