Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Random Top Ten Twelve

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. Celui en qui/La bele, en qui/IOHANNE (Mo.20) Anonymous 4
2. Carry On Until Tomorrow Badfinger
3. Warsaw 1943 Johnny Clegg & Savuka
4. Malo Bebe
5. Lonely Dancer Bram Tchaikovsky
6. Tramp The Dirt Down Elvis Costello
7. Eres Mi Medicina Samy y Sandra Sandoval
8. Hunting Bears Radioheade
9. Here Is My Number Makin' Time
10. Frontier Wives The Frontier F**king Wives
11. Mother Whale Eyeless Brian Eno
12. No Language In Our Lungs XTC

Our regular Friday feature in which Padre Mickey reveals his elitist tendencies by showing off what obscure music may be found on his iTunes program.
We went with the Top Twelve again cuz I really likes that picture. Off to a very tranquil start with Anonymous 4 singing a few pieces from the Montpellier Codex. Then Badfinger; a great song. That Magic Christian Music album is a classic. The ol' shuffle hasn't brought up any Johnny Clegg and Savuka in ages, and I enjoyed hearing this. Bebe is from Spain, and this is her big hit about spousal abuse. Bram Tchaikovsky (Peter Bramall) was in the Motors, and went solo. The Lovely Mona and I saw him and his band support this album at the Keystone in Berkeley back in 1979. Both guitarists played 12-string rickys for quite a sound! Elvis sings his love song to Margaret Thatcher, followed by the Típico Sweethearts of Panamá, the Sandoval kids. That Radiohead song is more a segweigh than anything. I don't remember the band Makin' Time; this is just one of those one-hit wonders from the Stiff Records Box Set. They're okay, I guess. Number 10 is my buddies the Frontier F**king Wives from our Compilation Album San Jose Is Ground Zero: We're Number One! Actually, their name on the album is Frontier Wives, but they changed it after the release because the Kingpins made a stink about Kat, the Frontier Wives' drummer saying the eff word on the slate before their song. I left it on when I mastered it cuz I thought it was funny, but the Kingpins, with visions of Major Label Signings in their minds, wanted it deleted. Instead, the Frontier Wives became the Frontier F**king Wives to needle the Kingpins. Oh, how those rock bands love each other! But I digress. . . A wunnerful, wunnerful song from Brian Eno, featuring Nico on the chorus. Then, to top it all off in great style, my favorite XTC song in the whole wide world!!

So, whatchoo been listenin' to? Post yer list in the comments.


johnieb said...

Messiaen, Tarangulila Symphony

Ligntnin Hopkins

The Everley Brothers

Miles and Coltrane

I don gotz no random sorter thingie, but my mind works just as well.

Matty Boy said...

We both gots the XTC this week, Padre.

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