Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just Sayin'

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Cany said...

hehehe. great photo and comment:)

i spent the day going bank to bank getting my mom's retirement money out of likely-to-fail (e.g. WaMu) institutions and into safe haven (along with hundreds of others, I might add...). OMG what a day! And because she has auto deposit from SSI and I have arranged paying her supplementary health ins., telephone, electric, cable, homeowners ins., etc. via direct pay, I had to call every single one... and this after the doctor, grocery store, phone store, microwave store, etc. I am exhausted.

Tomorrow I call the financial planner and stock broker and see what needs to be done there.

She worked SO hard to have what she has so that she could take care of herself and she is now 94, started her own biz at about 46 years of age. She retired at 62. Even at 94, she has about one million in cash, equity, and more in stocks. And this from a little Iowa farm girl who hadn't worked in 22 years... left on her own by my dad who wouldn't even pay child support.

To think that she might be in danger... ooooo... you want to see a really pissed off daughter?!

Then to have John McCain declare yesterday that the economy is fundamentally sound (and he has said this at least a dozen times prior), then turn around and say, well what I really meant was... blah, blah, blah...

Add to that Greenspan's saying this is the worst this country has seen since 1940 and will get MUCH worse before it gets better and that no one knows where it will go... and also saying that IRAQ was a big expensive lie about oil (grrrrrrr), well surprised he lived to see the end of the week. He said he didn't see it coming and did not understand the depth of the problem.

Sold down the river by deregulation, among other things. When are we ever going to get that the Reaganomics models simply do not work?

Investments are gambles and public moneys should NEVER be used in the way they were.

Sad. Many have lost life savings and so-called "safe" investments while some walked away filthy rich.

Fred Schwartz said...

I think that when McCain said the economy was "fundamentally" sound he meant in the same way that GAFCON is "fundamentally" sound. Perhaps he meant the economy was an orthodox economy?

FranIAm said...

Oh Mickey, yes indeed...

Distributorcap said...

i cannot wait for Sarah Palin to be in charge of this mess.

HOW can anyone want four more years of this.......

now wait -- McIdiot wants to commission a panel to get to the bottom of this --

well John a two year old can tell you what the problem is -- greed gone wild with complete lack of accountability and the knowledge the govt will bail you out. oh add in $12 billion for a war -- all paid for on the credit card

Jane R said...

Dcup, word!

Jane R said...

Oops that's D-CAP. I do know the difference between you and d-cup (you're both cool though :-)).

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