Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's Tom Toles

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Padre (Oh where, oh where, of wherever you are)...I'm so happy that you're indulging in getting away from the world of PRETEND...although, it suits me so fine, I know it must be tiresome to keep coming up with such smash hits every Friday for we, your beloved, and cherished, and cool, and very savvy, and attractive (both inside and out) audience...we await your return from the land of the sane (as if they knew the difference) and free (as if they were with those nasty Republicano shifty tactics)...anyway, stay away from that witchy woman from Alaska (don't go near her as she casts evil spells)...we need you, we want you, we insist that you remain WHOLE (spiritually and emotionally as it takes a real ROCK of inspiration to get through this twisted living of life mess).

Vaya con Dios

Leonardo Ricardo

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