Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blogswarm Against The War Part II

The following friends of Padre Mickey's Dance Party are participating in the Blogswarm Against the War.
Matty Boy
Grandmère Mimi
Mary Sue
Mike F
Jane R
Mystical Midget

Be sure to read their posts!


Grandmère Mimi said...

Thanks, Padre.

Jane R said...

Thanks, Padre Mickey. Wednesdays are the Day From Hell here (though not a fraction of the hell in which people at war live) and I have meetings all day and a class to teach at night, so mine will be a late entry because I want time to think (imagine that!) -- and also I am going (briefly between work things) to the local demonstration against the war, which mercifully is taking place right outside the college where I work.

Paul said...

¡Juntos en la lucha!

FranIAm said...


Links to Matty and Caminante - not working, but I can find them anyway in my reader.

Matty led me to you Mickey, but you have led me to so many who are so dear to my blog heart.

Thank you.

Jane R said...

It's done!

I See You!

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