Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hoy in Parroquia San Cristóbal

It's Palm Sunday! We gathered outside for the Liturgy of the Palms and everyone joined in the procession, singing All Glory, Laud, and Honor as the rubrics dictate. And, just like in your church, we had a dramatic reading of the Passion from St. Matthew's Gospel. No sermon today because the Passion IS the sermon.

The Altar Guild held their annual Palm Sunday Bake Sale and the emapanadas de bacalao (codfish turnovers) sold out in no time, as did the Curry POWdah. The Lovely Mona provided Pumpkin Bread and it sold out quickly, too. Actually, EVERYTHING sold out in record time. There were all sorts of cakes and chicheme, a popular beverage made of milk and corn, flavored with cinnamon and other spices. It's the kinda stuff that one really likes if one grew up drinking it (as a person who grew up in Asia, just imagine the kinda stuff I like that you can't stand!). I declare the Bake Sale a success.

Then, at 10:30 am, we had our Spanish-language service. Back outside, but since our organist, Bernie Murray, had a gig in Chiriqui last night, I was the musician and Padre Cáceres handled all sacerdotal duties. We also had a dramatic reading of the Passion, but no bake sale the second time around; everything was gone! And the Sunday School gave the Lovely Mona a beautiful flower arrangement for her birthday.

Later, the Lovely Mona and I met our friends Egbert and Elizabeth Leigh for lunch at Taj Mahal. Our thirtieth wedding anniversary is on Tuesday, and Bert and Lizzie celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary on Friday, so we celebrated together.

All in all a very nice Domingo de los Ramos. Here are the photos:

Gathering outside for the Liturgy of the Palms

Those are some clean palms!

The Procession

The Passion of Christ According to St. Matthew

Herber Bynoe as Jesus

Carl Scotland as Pilate

John Josiah as the High Priest

Keith Green as Peter

Milford Peynado as Judas

Padre Mickey as the Narrator

The Choir

Headin' out the door

The Bake Sale

Mrs. Muriel Doyle at La Caja

Mr. Claudio Carter gives the Lovely Mona a wave

Liturgia de las Palmas

Santo, santo, santo es el Señor, Dios del universo. . .

The Flowers


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Lovely! Wonderful! Glorious! Happyday! Feastday (for the lucky ones)!

Big Abrazos to Mrs. Doyle and all the rest of the wonderous ones!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for sharing Palm Sunday in Parroquia San Cristobal - great photos!

Matty Boy said...

My computer is crashing a lot at home, sadly especially when I visit your blog, Padre. Must be that extra effort getting the electrons all the way from Panama.

Very nice looking service and coffee hour.

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