Monday, March 24, 2008

This Evening's Political Cartoons


Anonymous said...

For those of us who are serious about rescuing victims of the pip-squeak abuser we must contact Democrats Abroad and/or your local Organization of Democrats...every Republican ought be "left behind"...THIS large, yet controllable sickness must END...our nation must return to rightsized again (and go light on the "right" part).

Vernon Valdez

Anonymous said...

Fr. Micklemas did IT! Our Gentle Gentile Priesto performed the first post-Easter Sunday OVERSIZED FOOT RESIZING! I saw him remove a really BIG FOOT from a really BIG MOUTH! You shouldda been thar as it left quite a imprint on all the readers.

Vilma Hutchinson-Pringle Doltz Ruiz

President, Silencer Fittings

"loudmouths are our specialty"

toujoursdan said...

Al-Canadians? Are we on the invasion list? We do have oil and freshwater.

Well it would add 20 million Democrats to the electorate. The Republicans would be out of power forever.

Paul said...

Ah, toujoursdan, ce serait une bonne chose pourles EU, mais une tragédie pour le Canada. Pourtant, prière d'envoyer les Democrates ici. Nous en avons besoin!

OK, I like to stay in practice but for the non-francophones:
Ah, toujoursdan, it would be a good thing for the US but a tragedy for Canada. Nonetheless, please send the Dems here. We need them!

Matty Boy said...

We can't have that budget busting children's health insurance passed, but the buy out of those deservedly bankrupt jackasses at Bear Stearns... O-TAY!

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