Monday, March 31, 2008

Para David

¡Ramen Perfecto!


David |däˈvēd| said...

This actually looks tasty (except for those big green squares of seaweed!)

I love various forms of pasta. Dios mio, I am a real sucker for great, homemade macaroni & cheese! My few years in the USA introduced me to many different foods that are just arriving in Mexico today. When I am in Texas I have to get my TexMex fix. The cuisine of my homeland is so different when it is made with yellow cheddar cheese! When we lived in Seattle those 2.5 years, I fell in love with Thai food! However, I am no fan of seafood. Not from anybody's country!

When I hear ramen, I only know the crap at the corner store, usually a 7-11, in a styrofoam cup!

FranIAm said...

Yo tengo hambre!

That looks unbelievable.

Tara Mobley said...

Oh, that Ramen looks very good. I wants some Ramen!

Matty Boy said...

I've move to Oakland, and there's plenty of Vietnamese noodle soup shops in the neighborhood. The Vietnamese name is pho. I loves me some pho!

Yo, pho!

(Acutally, it's closer to rhyming with boa, because of a crazy accent.)

susan s. said...

Oh, Padre, this reminds me of the movie "Tampopo." I'm sure you have seen it. There are wonderful scenes all around food. Tom calls it a Ramen Western. I'm sure we must have read that term somewhere when it first came out. One in particular involves an old man teaching a young man how to eat Ramen. One instruction was to 'caress the pork.'

Juanuchis said...

That looks wicked good!

I'm making chicken sate on the grill with peanut dipping sauce, and spicy cucumber salad.

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