Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today at Parroquia San Cristóbal

Today was "Getting-ready-for-Palm-Sunday-day" at Parroquia San Cristóbal. We had a funeral at 10:00 am (not a member of the parish) so that got things started a bit late.
When I was in los Estados Unidos de América, the parishes would order their palms from Africa. Here in Panamá we gather our palms from the Tropical Forest. Every year I write a letter to the director of Summit Gardens, a zoological garden in the former Canal Zone (on the way to Gamboa) in el Parque Soberanía, a national park. Mr. Keith Green, our Senior Warden, and Mr. Vincente Hudson, our Sexton, go into the park with some of the workers there and have a special place where they gather the palms. The palm gathering took place on Thursday. Then on Saturday before Palm Sunday the members of our Altar Guild clean and prepare the palms. We tend to provide palms for other Episcopal churches in Panamá Metro because some folks always forget to prepare for Palm Sunday.
Here are photos of the preparation of palms. And tomorrow we'll have photos of both Palm Sunday services.

Mrs. Doyle cleaning palms in her cool shades

Mrs. Adica Moore cleaning palms with serious determination

Mrs. Adica Moore cleaning palms and laughing because the Lovely Mona said something funny

Mrs. Choroland McQueen sorting palms

Choro and the palms in the long view

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Jane R said...

Is there no end to Mrs. Doyle's coolness? Thanks for the fotos of her and the other beautiful ladies of San Cristobal. And the palms!

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