Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hey! I Never Noticed THAT Before!

I'm doing a talk on Biblical Concepts of Hospitality tomorrow night, and was reading Genesis 18:1-8. After reading verse 8, I realized Abraham was serving dairy and meat together. Lucky for him the Torah had not been handed down yet! Now, according to the story, the Lord was one of the three men visiting Abraham, which means the Lord had meat and dairy together, which would eventually be against the rules. Much later, things evolved to the point where Observant Jews have separate plates for meat and separate plates for dairy and they can't even be kept in the same cupboard, let alone serve meat and dairy at the same time. I wonder what changed the Lord's mind? Oh yeah, it was that popular Cananite dish "Kid Boiled In Its Mother's Milk." Now I understand. As you were.


Paul said...

That had slipped right by me too, no matter how much I love that story (and Rublev's icon). Tanks, Padre.

Jane R said...

Ditto here. !

Reverend Ref + said...

Wait .... just .... WAIT!!!

God came to Abraham in the form of three men (we Christians sort of like to Trinitize that) and they had meat and dairy together.

And that was okay.

And then God handed down the Law where meat and dairy together are now a bad thing.

Does this mean God just might change his mind occasionally?

I wonder what else God has changed his mind over . . .

Padre Mickey said...

Does this mean God just might change his mind occasionally?

I wonder what else God has changed his mind over . . .

I considered letting Father Mass Progeny, er, Matt Kennedy know about this (you should see his latest screed on the Infallibility and Enerrancy of Scripture at Viagraville; well, maybe you shouldn't) but then THOSE kinda peoples would find out about the Dance Party and we'd have no rest.

FranIAm said...

That Kennedy man is dangerously close (mileage wise) to where I live. That is all I will say about that.

Albany, where being Catholic is the liberal choice!

Back on topic - I never realized that either. Fascinating.

I love that icon. Once I had a chat with a very contemplative Dominican nun who longed to enter through the "door" on the front of the table.

That is a contemplative thought!

Lynn said...

Padre, what is the artwork? No doubt something famous, and I am admitting my complete lack of schooling in this area.

But I do like it, and would love to know zee name of the piece/artist.

Lynn said...

Heavens, shame on me and my ignorance. Rublev's Holy Trinity. Oh, go ahead and embarrass me, post my first comment. Well, now I know.

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