Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's A Miss Bebé Easter!

Well, I was fishin' about for pictures of Miss Bebé, the World's Cutest Granchile™ in a frilly dress with a big hat and cute gloves, covered with chocolate mess, but such photos have yet to appear. I also received photos of The Other World's Cutest Granchile™ but her mom doesn't want her photos on the internets so you don't get to see them. She's really cute, too. Happy Easter, everyone!

Miss Bebé contemplates the profound theological meaning of the Easter Egg, or maybe she's trying to figure out why they aren't made of candy. A cat (who appears to have eaten all the candy before Evie awoke) watches from afar.

Miss Bebé plays with the darling bunny-cart


FranIAm said...

Oh my.


Now I understand while other most beautiful grandchile is not on the intertubes.

Matty Boy said...

You may soon have to change her name to Miss Toddl-aire or sumpthin', because she is growing up fast.

She still has a little of the baby knuckle dimples, so her nickname hasn't become obsolete yet.

Chris Mobley said...

Well, this Easter was pretty informal, so no chocolate covered frilly dresses to speak of. We did put her in some Easter colored jammies though. :)

Judith said...

It's not fair.
Where are my grandchildren?
Oh, I guess my kids should get married first.

Then again ...

I See You!

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