Wednesday, March 12, 2008

He's Out!!

Illustration nicked from Paul, the BYZIGENOUS BUDDHAPALIAN

Well, +John-David Schofield, formerly of the diocese of San Joaquin, was deposed today by the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church. His response is, and I paraphrase: "Nya nya nya. Ya can't fire me, I QUIT!!"
My parents are members of a church which supports him and my parents see him as a Godly man. They actually stopped talking to me for several months over all this stuff. However, they called last night and we had a good talk, avoiding the subjects of U.S. and church politics.

When I was visiting my parents last year I told them that JDS had been trying to take the diocese of San Joaquin out of the Episcopal Church from the beginning of his episcopate. My parents were in the Assemblies of God for ages and were only confirmed as Episcopalians a couple of years ago, and any bishop with tongue-speaking, drape-swinging, and almost snake-handling tendencies is going to make big points with them. They don't understand the fear of Women's ordination, but they buy the rest of the stuff. When I told them things that went against what JDS and their priest claimed about ++KJS they accused me of being political rather than spiritual. Well, at least we're all talking again.

I've been praying for JDS and their priest, hoping that God would turn their hearts, but I guess God has other plans. There are going to be very interesting times in the diocese of San Joaquin for the next few years. I wonder if the Lovely Mona and I will participate in any way...


Rev. Kurt said...

Padre for Bishop?

I like that!

Rev. Kurt

Padre Mickey said...

I sure as hell didn't mean THAT, Kurt! We have been thinking of being missionaries in San Joaquin. I don't want to be bishop anywhere.

Paul said...

Mercy, we loves us our Padre way too much to wish a pointy hat on him. Lord, have mercy!

Sorry your folks and so many good folk are caught either in the tangles JDS has woven or find themselves torn in all the polarity he has fostered.

johnieb said...

Don't worry, Padre; ya gotz yer blog as evidence and friends like us who will, ahem, vouch fer ya: who'd be crazy enough to make ya wear one of those silly hatz?

Still, the possibilities for bands...

Rev. Kurt said...

I apologize Padre! You would be great for San Joaquin but Panama would miss you!

Wormwood's Doxy said...

What brought them from the AOG into whatever passes for Episcopalianism in San Joaquin, Padre? And did you grow up AOG?

It must break your heart to be on opposite sides of this divide. Prayers for you and your family (and for the lovely Mona's birthday too!).


Kirstin said...

Prayers for all of you, and it would be wonderful to see you up here.

I See You!

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