Wednesday, March 05, 2008


According to the neo-pod on the lower right, Padre Mickey's Dance Party has had visitors from 100 countries from the time I installed that widget until today. Only 94 to 95 more countries to go!


Paul said...

Congrats, Padre, dis gotta be da global happenin' place!

Padre Mickey said...

It's true! And that's why we even get spam from India!

Jane R said...

Hey hooray! Mazel Tov. Had anyone from Botswana yet? We had a great time yesterday. Love, Maya Pavlova for Jane (who is too busy to write)

Caminante said...

Love that your world shows South America.

Padre Mickey said...

Yeah, I had to go through several views before I found it.

As a kid I could always tell where a cartoon was made when it should a view of our planet from space; one's home continent or area always is in view.

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