Monday, March 16, 2009

Ayer en Parroquia San Cristóbal

Yesterday the Restoration Fund Committee held a "Cook Out/Bake Sale" after the 7:30 am service. There was lots of good stuff: fry fish and cucu; bacalao (codfish) and cucu; pollo asado y cucu (cucu is made from cornmeal and okra. It's very good!); bacalao empanadas; Padre's chili con carne (¡muy picante!); and my favorite, codfish cake (pronounced codfish cék). Dulces were yucapone; bread puddin; the Lovely Mona's pumpkin bread; and bacardi cake. Beverages were chicheme, a beverage made of hominy, milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and vanilla; and saril, a beverage made of sorrell (a flower related to hibiscus), ginger, clove, and cinnamon. Everything sold out quickly! Since I'm at the front door talking with folks as they leave after the service, I placed my order for fry fish, cucu and codfish cake during the announcements. Of course, this meant that my office smelled of codfish cake during la Misa en Español! We sure had a tasty lunch when we got home.

Today is the First Day of School for private schools in Panamá; the public schools start on Easter Monday. Yesterday we had all the students and teachers come up for a First Day of School Blessing. Yes, the Lovely Mona was there as she starts teaching flute at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal today! Also, the Lovely Mona and I received our Wedding Anniversary blessing (it's Wednesday), but I forgot to hand the camera to someone, so no photo. However, we have photos of the Cook Out/Bake Sale and the First Day of School Blessing.

Hungry people!

Codfish cake line

Tiny kitchen! That's why we're raising money to re-model.

Mrs. Bennett and Keith Green making codfish cake (Well, Mrs. Bennett cooks and Mr. Green sells)

Sarah Williams selling her famous empanadas de bacalao

Yucapone for sale, and that's Padre's chili con carne in that pot next to the caja

First Day of School Blessing

Yummm! Fry fish and cucu

Codfish cék!


Our Farm: Keith and Megan said...

Your blog has me missing Panama more than I have in over 10 years - maybe my sister will move back & I will visit her & (and perhaps meet you guys in person)Panama again - I can smell the cod cek and it smells like home.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Everytime you do this feastsale thing I think of Puerto Rico and the Daughters of the King whipping up all those fabulous West Indian specialties.

YOU ALWAYS make me hungry and I wish we could place our orders over the internet and receive hot deliveries...btw, I'm a Chili con carne cook also...I use red and black beans combined.

I'm in Florida for a few...boy are there some lunatics reeling around here trying to make sense out of their selfinduced religious insanity...lots of small Churches with SALE signs on them and lots of empty stores (even big ones)...but, the VALUES are fabulous and I'm buying up a storm with some recent earnings.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Qué simpático estas imágenes! Que rico!

Jane R said...

It's not nice to make Miz Jane drool all over the keyboard.

¡Great fotos!

I See You!

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