Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Class Warfare

Remember: when those at the top receive huge tax cuts and everyone else is carrying them, it is NOT class warfare. Just ask those economic wizards at Titus 1:9. However, when it is suggested that taxes should be cut for 95% of the people and raised for those who have been riding the gravy train for the last eight years, that is total class warfare and socialism and the end of democracy and True Christianity™ (a division of True Democracy™, available in the frozen food section at your grocer).

Wealthy newscasters are all convinced that class warfare is here. People who haven't done an honest hour's work in ages are all convinced that class warfare is here. People with huge Trusts are sure that class warfare is here. Everyone at the middle and bottom of the economic ladder know that class warfare has been taking place in the U.S.A. since the days of the Most Holy St. Ronald Reagan.

But what's really amazing to me is the power Rush Limbaugh has over the Republican Party. No one in the GOP is allowed to say anything bad about him and, if they do so, they must grovel and beg for forgiveness within twenty-four hours or, well, I don't know what will happen as they all grovel and beg for forgiveness within twenty-four hours, so we've never seen what the consequences of speaking with a lack of total respect towards their Beloved Leader.

Thank God these people are the minority and irrelevant to the present political discourse!

UPDATE The fine folks at the DCCC have provided this Republican Apology Machine to help those who have Transgressed Against Rush.

Speaking of class warfare, here is my new Blogger profile picture. Qué priti, ¿verdad?


Fred Schwartz said...

A "redistribution" of "wealth" via the tax code is NOT class warefare by any standard Marx, Engels or Lenin wrote about. It is an interesting phenomenon by Adam Smith's standard.
Just thought I would mention it.

And for your listening pleasure I recommend:

The Tax Man The Beatles
Fortunate Son John Fogerty
Well Respected Man The Kinks

Matty Boy said...

That thing you are riding around in looks pretty cool, Padre, but how's the lower back support?

Karen Zipdrive had the great pun over at Princess Sparkle Pony, that Rush was "the de fatso leader of the Republican Party".

Andy said...

Now, THIS is the way to cut the green house gases... Providing of course you keep the drive train away from the Frijoles yi Arroz.

Paul said...

"De fatso leader" - loving it, Matty Boy.

I noticed the new pic and trust you aren't counting on this kind of service stateside.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Ghastly, isn't it?

susan s. said...

Isn't that one of those portable bath tubs they used in the desert during the time of Moses?

Caminante said...

Glad to see the avatar photo in large; I couldn't figure out what it was in small.

word verification: stick... as in stick it to 'em.

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