Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hand Puppet Workshop

Over the weekend a workshop on making puppets and banners was held at the Bishop Shirley Conference Center in Santa Clara. I was unable to attend, but a few folks from San Cristóbal did attend and learned a lot and had a great time. Sunday, Sandra Edwards and Peter Wright showed-off a few of the puppets they made. It looks like Peter is holding Eva y la serpiente.

I didn't attend as I had a lot going on, AND I was exhausted from the past few days, AND I'm too cheap to buy materials to make puppets. I have my own, super cheap inexpensive method of making puppets.
Here is my own hand puppet workshop, just for you!

First, take a hand, any hand will do. We're gonna use Padre's hand. And you knows it's clean 'cuz he has a slight case of OCD and washes his hands a thousand times a day quite often.

Then, wrap a cloth around it to serve as clothing, and disguise the fact that the puppet is actually your hand.

Next, make a sideways fist

Now, draw a face on the fist

And . . . . voilà! A puppy dog hand puppet!

If you're REALLY good, you can make one like this!


Our Farm: Keith and Megan said...

That is some hand-dog puppet Padre. you do know how to find all cool pics!

and I went "oh how nice" when I read a familar name "Bishop Shirley Conference Center" Such a good hearted man.

PJ DeGenaro said...

Very good, Padre. :)

My word verification is "access," only with one fewer "c" than normal.

Padre Mickey said...

Thank you, Megan and PJ. You can't imagine how long it took me to wash that doggy off my hand.

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