Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great News!

I was very happy to read THIS today! I heard that propaganda (well, that's what we call advertisements here in Panamá!) they did for Dell in 2007 and it was very good, so I'm 'spectin' this new album to be well worth my while.

I remember all those years ago really, granpa? when the Spud Boys first appeared on Saturday Night Live. I found their version of Satisfaction to be quite amusing and I liked them. But then they came on much later in the program (remember how the last half-hour had so many propagandas that it was almost impossible to stay awake, so that was when they put on the really crappy less amusing skits? But I digress. . .) and did Jocko Homo. That blew my mind! By the time they stripped off the yellow radiation suits and were hopping around in those silly black shorts and DEVO t-shirts, chanting "Are we not men? We are DEVO!" I was patting the Lovely Mona and saying "wake up! Wake Up! WAKE UP!!!!" We went out and bought the album the very next day!

Here's a performance of one of my favorite DEVO songs: Uncontrollable Urge. The opening part is stupid, but whaddaya 'spect? It's from that stupid "Fridays" show.


Cany said...

what can i say but... mmmm.

Tara Mobley said...

I was actually able to find that SNL performance once on YouTube. It was every bit as bizarre and fascinating as you always made it out to be. It should be interesting to see what the new album was like.

Tengrain said...

Padre -

I remember the show, and I remember going off to find the album the next day, too. I think Mongoloid was my favorite track from it.

I'm sad to report that I no longer own it - it was the casualty of my car trip home that summer: it literally melted in the southern California sun. Made a nice bowl for my coffee table that year.



Andy said...

My faith in music was restored that night. I knew that the tyranical grip of Disco would soon be shaken free. I believe they also performed their Our we not men? tune that night as well.

Andy said...

That was "are we not men?"

Padre Mickey said...

Andy, that's the song Jocko Homo.

Hey, I joined the Dead Milkmen's Facebook fanpage last week.

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