Saturday, March 07, 2009

Friday Saturday Random Top Ten

Due to yesterday's situation, we will post the top ten this morning

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. We're All Mad Here Tom Waits
2. Hold Back The Night Sinéad O'Connor
3. Kook The Social Club
4. Can't Get Used To Losing You The Beat
5. The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead XTC
6. Natural Beauty Neil Young
7. Jacksons, Monk And Rowe Elvis Costellos & The Brodsky Quartet
8. Hypnotize White Stripes
9. My Big Nurse David Byrne & Brian Eno
10. Every Everything Hüsker Dü

It's always interesting (well, interesting to me) how different the lists from the Office Computer are from the Home Computer. Today we are using the iTunes on the Home Computer, and we have stuff that wouldn't show up on the other one, like that bald girl. Once again, we have a list that is all over the place; Thank God for Hüsker Dü! The Social Club track is from the album Flogging Peasants which we recorded Many Years Ago. It is a Surf tune, and the one tune on the album with which I had nothing to do, not being into surf stuff. #4 is the real Beat, not that icky band Paul Collins had in L.A. #5 is a great song But he made too many enemies of the people who would keep us on our knees and a great video; check it out!

Waddaya'll listening to? Please to be placing your lists in the comments. Thank you.


Fred Schwartz said...

Okay Padre, it is time to get serious. I mean, try to figure this set out!

1. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing Buffalo Springfield
2. Cinnamon Girl Niel Young
3. Teach Your Children CSNY
4. Ragged Glory Crazy Horse
5. Sleeps with Angels Crazy Horse
6. Harvest Moon Niel Young
7. Prairie Town Randy Bachman and Niel Young
8. No More War Niel Young
9. Imagine Niel Young at the Twin Towers Concert
10. Burned Buffalo Springfield

If you figure it out you get an extra 10 bonus points and a chance to go to the big little spin.

Padre Mickey said...

Geez, Fred; it's supposed to be RANDOM, ya know? Ya pushes the "shuffle" on yer iPod or iTunes and then write down what shows up. Ya aren't supposed to figure it out! But, for YOU, I'll make an attempt.

So, Clancy, who couldn't sing, met the Cinnamon Girl and they had some children, which they had to teach stuff to, so that they wouldn't grow up to be Republicans (or, A**H****, as I've decided to call them until they quite calling my party the Democrat Party) or follow the former bishop known as JDS. However, Clancy ended up in a big honkin motorcycle accident (the title should be Ragged Gorey not Ragged Glory, but I'll cut you some slack), and the doctors couldn't save him, so he Sleeps With the Angels. Now, he had that little dot on his California Driver's license, so they were able to Harvest his organs during the full moon, and some were sent to Prairie Town, where the liver was placed in the body of an alcoholic Anti-war activist. But the body rejected the new liver and, as he was croaking, our recipient Imagined a world in which John Lennon forced everyone to listen to his more vapid compositions. The Anti-war Activist's family felt Burned by the whole experience.

Is that what you meant?

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