Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday with the Altar Guild

Saturday the Lovely Mona, Padre Mickey, members of the Altar Guild and ECW of San Cristóbal, and our Senior Warden, Keith Green (who drove the bus) went to Gamboa to have a Quiet Day at Iglesia Episcopal de San Simón. We explored different styles of prayer, had some great discussions, a nice lunch of fruit and crackers and cheese, and ended the day by Praying with the Hymnal, which was really more of an old-fashioned Hymn Sing.

The Lovely Mona and Barbara Smith were harvesting marañon (the fruit of the cashew tree). They were using all the Approved Panamanian Methods for harvesting fruit that's too high to reach: throwing rocks and whacking with a big stick. The Lovely Mona uses marañon in her smoothies. We still don't know how to process the actual cashew at the bottom of each fruit. I think one roasts them, but we're not sure and the raw cashew is not something with which to mess around. But I digress. . .

Sunday morning a member of the parish, Sarah Williams, celebrated her birthday by providing breakfast at the Coffee Hour. Here are some photos of folks enjoying breakfast.

The priest sitting behind Mrs. Doyle is Padre Surgeon. He's going to be helping Padre Cáceres while I'm on sabbatical.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Everyone, HOLA MRS. DOYLE!

David |Dah • veed| said...

Cashews, I love them. They are called nuez de la India here in México.

My mother has four of these trees. Yes Padre, they are easily made edible. You can dry roast them in a hot cast iron skillet or you can deep fry them like french fries.

But do not eat them fresh and raw. I think they are edible dried and raw, but we always dry roast them. If you dry them, the gas has a chance to escape, rendering them harmless. The tree is related to the poison ivy.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I always love these photos of your congregation.

Everyone seems so nice and happy ;=)

susan s. said...

What Dah.veed? Is the gas poisonous or just highly offensive?

David |Dah • veed| said...

Susan, actually it is a resin and it is toxic, it has the chemical that makes you break out. It is the chemical you also encounter in poison ivy. So, if you can imagine putting poison ivy in your mouth, this can be worse.

susan s. said...

Thanks, Dah.veed. That would be painful indeed! I will stick with the dry roasted variety! 'Raw' cashews are sold here in the States, but I think they have been processed in some way or another.

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