Monday, March 30, 2009

Catching Up. . .

Early Friday morning I arrived at the church to get ready to lead Morning Prayer for the Choir's Quiet Day (yeah, I know; Choir and Quiet don't really go together). I was bringing some books into the nave when I smelled something wonderful! I immediately made my way to the kitchen, and there was Mercedes Snape frying up some codfish cake. I loves me the codfish cake! That's what we had for breakfast, after Morning Prayer and the Very Reverenda Maizee Lennan's talk on The Choir as a Ministry. As one would expect from the Dean of the Cathedral, it was an excellent reflection. Members of several choirs (including the Lovely Mona, directora del Coro de Jovenes) participated. Here are some photos of the codfish cake and the attendees of the Quiet Day.

Mercedes Snape at the stove

Codfish cakes!

La Muy Revda. Maizee Lennan


Then, in the evening, we had our Lenten Series talk (we've been using A Spiritual Journey by one Revdo. Terry Martin) and the Stations of the Cross.

Sunday afternoon the Lovely Mona and I went to visit our Panamanian kids. Yasury and her husband, Emilio, Yasury's sister Ingrid and Ingrid's friend Kasee (all three girls are our Panamanian daughters) and our lovely nietas, Alejandra (age 8) and Eva Victoria (six months). We had a very nice afternoon with our familia. Emilio showed us around their new house and showed me all the work he is doing on the yard. We ate carne asado and yucca and drank cervezas. On the way home we stopped off and visited Emilio's folks (they live down the street from Yasury and Emilio and the girls). I frightened Eva Victoria; Emilio and I went into her room and I was looking into the crib when she awoke and saw abuelo's hairy face. Her eyes got huge and then she started crying. It took her about twenty minutes to decide that I was okay. Here are some photos.

Eva Victoria


Las nietas con abula

Los Machos

Los Machos con Eva Victoria

Neighborhood kids (Eva Victoria reaching for Sofia)

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

A always the congregation looks simpático and the children adorable - but the barbecue photo a bit ominous...

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