Monday, April 06, 2009

Ayer En Parroquia San Cristóbal

As you know, yesterday was Palm Sunday, or Domingo de los Ramos, or Passion Sunday, or First Sunday in April, or whatever you decided to call it. We had two services: Choral Eucharist in English at 7:30 am and La Misa en Español a las 10:30 am. Between services the Annual Altar Guild Bake Sale took place. There was lots of cakes and stuff, including my Curry POWdah. Ev'ryting sell fast-fast!

I was a bit worried between services, as it turned out that the 7:30 crowd took ALL THE PALMS! All the palms that the Altar Guild had cleaned the day before were supposed to be for both services. I did send an armful with Padre Cáceres to Iglesia San Mateo, where he was filling in for Padre Austin, but I was sure we'd be fine. I thought we had separated palms for the 10:30 Misa, but I couldn't find any. When I asked the Sexton where the other palms were, he told me that all the palms had been on the table and they were all gone! I got a little excited. Fortunately, our Senior Warden, Keith Green, and Padre Surgeon (who will be filling in for me while I am on sabbatical) found some more palms and cleaned and prepared them so we had enough for the second service. YAY! No palm shortage (Yes, I realize we live in a county full of palms, but ya gotsta clean dem, 'cuz they be pretty dirty. Outside is hella dirty place, ya know).

Tomorrow I have a funeral. Wednesday we have our usual Holy Eucharist with Healing AND a funeral later. Thursday we have the Blessing of the Oils over at the Cathedral and then Maunday Thursday foot-washing-transferring-the-Blessed-Sacrament-to-the-Garden-of-Repose-stripping-of-the-altar. Friday is the Service of the Three Hours (and the Lovely Mona and I will be attending our family Seder that evening). Easter Vigil Saturday night, Sunrise Service in English on Sunday Morning, and La Misa de Pascua de Resurreción. Busy week, just like yours!


7:30 crowd (the Lovely Mona attends la Misa en Español so she arrives just before the ending of the English service)

Bake Sale!

The Lovely Mona's Pumpkin Bread

Bottles of Padre Mickey's Powerful Curry POWdah

Liturgia de las Palmas

La Pasión de nuestro Señor Jesucrist según San Marcos

Little baby Josue came up for a special blessing.


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

!Que simpático! !Que rico!

(don't know how to invert them :-(

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes, bring the ¨Bakesale¨ into this...I´m going to bed with visions of upsidedown pinapple cake in my head!

Villainous influencer! (or something)

susan s. said...

Oh, Leonardo, I too saw the Pineapple Upsidedown Cake and am craving a piece! Maybe I should make some to take to Church on Sunday. Perhaps I can start a tradition... Pineapple Cake for Easter Breakfast!

Catherine said...

No, I'm thinking about Powerful Curry POWder!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Yummy! I wish I could go to your church.

I See You!

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