Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last Post For A While or Triduum Part II

Actually, it's the last San Cristóbal post for a while

Wow, what a busy day! Wrapping up all the loose ends, getting Chompita's paper work, teaching (the Lovely Mona had two flute classes at Instituto Episcopal San Cristóbal and I gave a lecture on how the Church in England became the Church of England to high schoolers at the same school). Cleaning up the office at la parroquia and giving final instructions. Later tonight I'll pack up the computer, move all the maletas into the living room, and we're off to the airport very very early. We should arrive at LAX around 5:00pm, and after getting Chompita through aduanas we'll rent a car and head for Fresno. I hope to see some of the San Joaquin crowd on Saturday. We'll be in Sonora from Saturday evening through Tuesday, then on to San José, where I hope to see some SJ bloggers and musicians and friends, plus my sister and her kids and my brother and his kids and the folks at St. Francis and all that. We head for Berkeley on International Worker's Day, for a month there. I hope to see Kirsten and I know I'm gonna see Susan S. and Mattty Boy, plus, of course, Miss Bebe. I hope to see Spocko, too! In June we're going to our place in the mountains, but we are working on a visit to the East Coast to see alla that bunch, thanks to the efforts of TELP.

Thanks to everyone who bought stuff at the Store of Love (which remains open during the sabbatical) and donated to our missionary fund and the great Refreshment Campaign of Madpriest and Revda. Kaeton.

So, here are some photos of the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday at Parroquia San Cristóbal, the best Church in the world.

Easter Vigil

Lighting the new fire

La Luz de Cristo. . . Gracias a Dios

Three baptisms

Easter Sunday Sunrise service


Daniel has joined the choir


Heading out the door


Bun and cheese!

Darla and her children

Obligatory Mrs. Doyle photo

La Misa Pascual

Lisa belts out la gloria

Happy singing

El Coro

The Sunday School gave a puppet show about the Road to Emmaus at the end of the service

The Cast

Bible quiz with prizes!

Public School classes began on Monday, so all the students came up for a First Day of School blessing

After the Egg Hunt It's Bible Bingo!

Padre observes

Mrs. Moore


Grandmère Mimi said...

Dearest Padre and Mona, God speed again. Have a lovely sabbatical!

Next time post more pictures of the Parroquia.

PseudoPiskie said...

Godspeed, Padre! I pray you will be able to come east and meet a whole bunch of us.

Mary Clara said...

Padre and Lovely Mona, I am holding you both in my heart and praying that you have a most refreshing refreshment time, safe travels, comfy lodgings, and much joy in being with family and friends.

I hope you get to come East and would love to join the festivities on this side of the country.

susan s. said...

I am loving these pictures!!!

Doorman-Priest said...

So much fun to be had in religion.

Anonymous said...

I´m feeling stronger now that I know Mrs. Doyle continues to listen to your homilies...we´re connected somehow.

Lester Ricardo

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