Thursday, April 02, 2009

A "Must Read"

I really want everyone to read this excellent post over at Telling Secrets, the blog of Reverenda Elizabeth Kaeton. She labels this post a rant, but it just plain-spoken truth, in my opinion.

The discourse between right and left has grown increasingly strident over the years. I read several political blogs on the left of the spectrum which link to right-wing blogs which feature much violent language and macho posturing. There is some pretty nasty name-calling on the left, too, but the language is not as violent (I read a post at Sadly, No the other day in which the commenters were discussing the adolescent response of some Right-wing bloggers to the Earth Hour thang; how they wanted to leave all their lights on for an hour. Somebody suggested we get the U.N. and others to proclaim a "Don't Stab Yourself In The Eye Day" and see how those folks respond. Is that violent language, or just funny? But I digress. . .).

While I avoid right-wing political blogs, I do have a bad habit of checking in on the denizens of Titus 1:9, a right-wing Blog of an Episcopalian, on occasion. There are comment threads there which make one think that perhaps one is reading a Freeper comment thread. You should see how tough all the talk gets when it comes to guns! But, as TELP says, the level of violent language at these sites, and especially at Viagraville, is not Christian by any stretch of the imagination.

Reading her post reminds me of how careful we must be with language. I don't like to use gender-specific pronouns when speaking about God as I don't believe God has gender, but also because I am the father of daughters and when they were little I realized how they must feel hearing God always referred to by male pronouns. If we are made in God's image, gender-specific language in reference to God goes out the window, at least for me. The Lovely Mona is in a study group who are exploring the use of non-violent language and changing the way one speaks, and she has been showing me where I can be more aware of my own word choices. Using violent and disparaging terms when referring to those who are supposed to be our sisters and brothers in Christ goes against the very commandment of Jesus: love one another.

Thanks, Revda. Elizabeth, for a thought-provoking post. Everybody must go read it!


Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Yes, Reverenda Elizabeth's post is very good, and more timely as every day passes...

And I thank you for telling!

Fred Preuss said...


Padre Mickey said...

Fred! So nice to have you drop by. Especially at this busy time of year for one in your business. I mean, all the other accountants I know are doing tax filing on the side.

Your presence just lights this place up!

Sara said...

That's our Fred!

I have been reading some of the right wing blogs. And sometimes, I just have to comment. I said what you are saying. Words have power. The blogger is a minister and he made the statement about turning on all of his lights. Another women said that global warming was "idol worship"? When I questioned the attitude I was told that it was just a blog, not a sermon. Soooo? Both sides need to remember to choose their words wisely, even when sarcasm is so tempting.

I haven't read the Rev. K's blog yet, so I'm off!

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