Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're Here

Just to keep you informed of our travels. . .
We are now in the Rockridge area of Oakland, right next to Berkeley. I was at the GTU for a while this morning, getting my library card and stuff, like you do.
I plan to get to work on Monday. However, tomorrow evening we're going to dinner with the World's Most Beautiful Grandchile (Sorry, I don't know how to find Clever Punctuation on a Windows-based machine) and her parents.

We gotsta find sumkina way to get the MiniMac doing WiFi stuff; don' gots no Airport thang innit.

Sorry no illustration.

This Dance Party is going down hill!!!!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Have Fun! Don´t worry about us, you know how we entertain ourselves when you´re occupied...we seek out madness to run back and report on!

it's margaret said...

Does the tooth fairy still live in the Hotel Claremont tower?

Matty Boy said...

Special stuff like the trademark and the upside down exclamation point are done with cut and paste. Or at least that's how I do it.

Anonymous said...

Not ta worry, Padre, we be dancin' an' you be dancin' and we just don't gots da pictures is all.

Rock out in the Rockridge!

Paul the BB

David |Dah • veed| said...

If you want we could open an alternative blog for you; Of Course the Dance Party Could Be On Sabbatical...Give everyone (except FreddiePee) posting access and we could all contribute to entertaining ourselves.

It could work.

The word verificashun is bleshn;
The Good Lawd be bleshn and keepin you always!

I See You!

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