Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Random Top Ten er, Three

Ya pushes "shuffle" and ya takes yer chances. . .

1. The Loser In The End Queen
2. Everything You Can Think Tom Waits
3. Try Again Big Star

Well, that's it. You can't top a song by Big Star, unless it's Al Green or Marvin Gaye or something, so we'll stop here. The new Friday Random Top Ten rules are We Stop At The Best Song. Of course, this also means that I am only able to link to one video today. It's Lent, suffah!!

The Queen song is from the only Queen album I like; everything after it was worthless, as far as I'm concerned. They did better than Led Zeppelin; their first album was the best thing they ever did and it was All Down Hill from there, poor sods. The Tom Waits song is good, wonderfully noisy percussion, but my heart goes with Big Star, one of the Best Bands Evah!!

There will be no Friday Random Top Ten next week as it will be Good Friday and we do sumpin' different on that day. Here in Panama everything closes down, even the television and radio stations, and you can't even buy liquor. We won't go that far. . .

Waddaya listening to? Please post your lists in the comments.


Ann said...

This is my fave from Queen.

Bubs said...

I love Tom Waits! Our whole family does, come to think of it. It's wonderful to listen to an artist that I've enjoyed since the mid-70's, and now the biggest fan in the household is our 16 year old daughter.

The version of "Everything You Can Think Of" from the Alice Original Demos album is a bit less percussive.

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