Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Before Palm Sunday

It's that time of year again. On Thursday, Mr. Keith Green, our Senior Warden, and Mr. Hudson, our Sexton, went out to Summit Gardens near Gamboa and stomped through the tropical forest, looking for palms for tomorrow (they had permission. Every year I write a letter to the Director of Summit Gardens requesting permission, and every year permission is granted).

Today the Altar Guild gathered together to clean the palms. It's a lot of work! The Lovely Mona, being a member of the Altar Guild was there, too, cleaning palms and taking photos.

On her way to the church, the Lovely Mona stopped and visited her fruit guy to buy lunch for the ladies. We spend from $10.00 to $15.00 a week here on fruit, and it is so good and so sweet. We get about three bags of fruit for $5.00, MUCH better than prices most of you are paying (except for Leonardo, which is probably about the same). Mr. Fruit Guy calls the Lovely Mona "Reina" and says she is his best client.

Tomorrow the Altar Guild will be holding their Annual Bake Sale. The Lovely Mona baked some pumpkin bread for sale (it is very popular; I think of pumpkin bread as a Thanksgiving thang, but the congregación de San Cristóbal love her "pumpkin cake" and the Head of the Altar Guild asked her to bake extra this year). And Padre Mickey made his annual contribution to the cause: Padre Mickey's Powerful Curry POWdah in both "mild" and "¡¡HOT!!" Here you see the Dance Party Spokesmodels selling the stuff.

So tomorrow we'll bless palms outside, enter the church in joy and singing and waving palms, hear a terrible story, and get our Semana Santa started.


FranIAm said...

Our palms come in big boxes from the Catholic store.


Yours are much more work, but wow!

And then the powdah. Make mine double hot.

FWIW (little!) my word verification is a variation of your name... michul!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures - the smiles on the faces of the altar guild, the ripe and juicy fruit. I know that the fruit has a lot more flavor than what we're getting here in New England.

Cany said...

Happy faces for God's work! How wonderful.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I envy you for your congregation!

susan s. said...

I think the Fruit man scoped out the best spot for sales... Right in front of the bank! And those giant papayas! I am in love with them!!

verification word, "keestst." So I have to get up off my keestst and go to church!

I am waiting impatiently for the 24th!

motheramelia said...

Oh the wonderful fruit. The joy of my youth. My mouth is watering. My daughter knows how much I love the tropical stuff and gave me a basket of it for Christmas. Still remember the taste. What a wonderful thing to be able to collect your own palms even though it is a lot of work. Such happy faces. Emicali sounds too medicinal to be fun.

Bubs said...

Now I wonder where our palms came from this morning.

Philippine allstars said...

wow... lots of tasty fruit... makes my mouth water...

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