Saturday, April 11, 2009


Last night was our family Seder. It was a wonderful evening, but we all really missed Janet, who is suffering from a brain tumor. In years past we've missed Emily and Edwin and Essie, when they were all studying and working in David in Chriqui, but this year they were able to attend.

I know that some churches hold a Seder on Maundy Thursday, and I understand the thinking behind that, but I prefer to participate in a Seder at home with family, as that is an important aspect of the Seder. Personally, I wouldn't hold a Seder at a Christian church anymore than I would preside at a Eucharist in a synagogue, but that's just me.

Here are some photos of the evening.

Easter Vigil at San Cristóbal this evening, then Sunrise Service at 6:00 am tomorrow and la Misa Pascual a las 10:30 am.

Emily and Essie welcome the Sabbath

Why is tonight different from any other night? Parsley in salt water; 'sup with that?

Finding our way through that Haggadah


FranIAm said...

All of these posts relating to Easter and also Seder are beautiful. God bless you all down there in Panama dear Padre.

Easter Joy to you!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Happy Passover.

Juan Carlos and I attended a Seder here in our little, tiny, town on Wednesday night...our friends, a Jewish couple from San Francisco/Woodside, were here and hosted was delightful and Traditional.

I bet it was the firstone ever in this little town.

Greetings to you and ¨Lovely¨ on the afternoon before the greatest reassurance of them all.

Ann said...

I agree about seders in a Christian church. Better to have one where Jewish friends invite and host. We could use some home liturgies tho.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...


Jane R said...

Chag Sameach Pesach!

I agree with you about Seders in churches. I gots a rant about that but I will spare you and everyone right now. Glad you had a nice Seder at home with family.

I See You!

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