Thursday, April 23, 2009

Next Stop On The Trip

¡Saludos a todos desde San José, California! The Lovely Mona and I had a great meeting with the Rt. Rev. Jerry Lamb and the Rev. Canon Mark Hall last Saturday. I was hoping to meet with the blogger-types of the Diocese of San Joaquin, but no one showed up. so we headed for Sonora, where my parents live.

On Sunday we attended St. Mary's of the Mountains, where I preached. We went to breakfast with Father Stan and Father Risard, and several of the members of St. Mary's. We had a wonderful time talking and eating and drinking coffee. I'll post a couple photos later. My folks have the worst dial-up service on the planet. I live in the freakin' Third World and ours isn't as bad as what they have up their in the Gold Country! So we haven't been able to keep you all informed of our amazing travels.

Tuesday we made our way to San José, where we are staying with our friends, the Wibbles. They are very gracious hosts, and Chompita loves it here. She is being very well behaved; I think she's worried that we'll push her into a kennel and make her fly for nine hours again. We will, but not until August.

I managed to leave the battery charger for the camera in Panamá, but we were able to purchase one at San Jose Camera yesterday. We're now looking for an inexpensive printer.

We'll be at St. Francis Episcopal Church, corner of Newport and Pine, on Sunday. We'll post photos of that, too. Then, off to Berkeley for a month.

I think we'll be updating more often, now that we have internet access.

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Matty Boy said...

Hola, buddy! Glad to hear you and The Lovely Mona are back in the bio-region safe and sound. Give me a buzz when you get to Berkeley.

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